The Secret Bureau of Art & Design is a creative studio focused on providing the best design, photography and video for independent music.

It started when Jenny Bergman, while listening to Cindy Gallop’s closing keynote at the 2015 3% Conference, decided to create her dream job rather than wait for it to happen.

At the Secret Bureau, you’re not a client. You’re a collaborator.

We meet with you, talk in-depth about your goals as an artist, and immerse ourselves in your sound so we can deliver creative assets that best represent your music and win you new fans. Your success as an artist is our highest priority.

We don’t do clip art.

If you want something cheap and fast, we’re not for you.

The strength of our work is derived from the kind of deep collaboration that takes time and care. We strive for the iconic. The unexpected. The timeless. It’s our job to stay ahead of trends and avoid gimmicks so that what we create for you — whether it’s a simple head shot or a complex music video — will set you apart.

We have a reputation. And we’re rather proud of it.

We partner with area artists—many are musicians themselves. After two 2018 Boston Music Award nominations, we think we’re doing something right. Combined, we leverage decades of experience in our fields. And our attention to detail is such that we only bring in the very best talent to help realize your creative vision.

Contact us today about your next project or show.