Creative direction for music.

The Secret Bureau of Art & Design is a creative studio focused on providing design, photography and video for independent music. It is the work of Boston-based designer and photographer, Jenny Bergman. Jenny's specialty is deep collaborations with emerging and established indie artists to help bring their creative visions to larger audiences. 

Notable Clients

The Record Co.

Ruby Rose Fox

Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys

ONCE Somerville

Carissa Johnson

Primary Services

Creative Direction


Brand Design
Merch Design
Web Design
Gig Posters
Lyric Videos


Art Direction
EPK Development

Social Media Campaigns
Creative Consultation

About Jenny Bergman

Jenny Bergman would call herself a failed musician if she had actually bothered to be one. All things considered, she’s probably better off working for musicians instead. 

After a decade-plus of working on creative teams for major brands and advertising industry disruptors, designer and photographer Jenny Bergman decided to create her dream job rather than wait for it to happen. So she started a boutique agency for independent music, The Secret Bureau of Art & Design. After five Boston Music Award nominations, she must be doing something right. 

Jenny is a well-known presence in Boston music venues, recording studios, and non-profits. For the past three years, Jenny has helped build successful crowdfunding campaigns and album releases for local and internationally touring independent artists. Her work has been published in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Pride Guide, and Vanyaland. She is also the Artistic Director of Bust Out Boston, an annual showcase celebrating womxn in Boston music. As a long-time volunteer for Girls Rock Campaign Boston, Jenny believes in the importance of empowering girls, womxn, and non-binary folx through music.

Jenny lives in the Dorchester section of Boston, MA with her partner, their three delightfully weird kids, and two even weirder cats. She is also the lead singer for a Gossip cover band, Jealous Girls.