Gene Dante & The Future Starlets "DL/UX"

What do you get when an album project gets derailed by a pandemic and supply chain issues? You get creative. What started as a straight-forward vinyl project became a constantly evolving miniature art book that acts as a "rediscovered" document of a "forgotten" gem of music history. DL/UX answers the questions: "What if Studio 54 never closed?" or "What if Glam Rock never died?"

The Secret Bureau of Art + Design is a creative micro-agency devoted to serving independent music. It is the work of Boston-based graphic designer and photographer Jenny Bergman.

Creative Direction + Consultation

Promotional Photography

Logo Design

Merch Design

Packaging Design

Track Art for Streaming Platforms

Social Media Campaigns

Music Videos

Fine Art Poster Design

Flyer + Handbill Design

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Live Event Photography

Currently available for album projects.